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I never thought that my math class could be so useful! Last week I got really, really bored in class and pulled out a sheet of paper and viola! this... kinda... well... happened after fifteen minutes of strange inspiration flowing through me like the first time you've ever scored a goal in soccer when you're five years old and you figured out that the reason nobody is congratulating you is because you scored in the wrong goal... (darn, now i remember why that seems familiar!)

At least, I think it's cool...

My first submission!

2008-01-27 14:10:00 by Boogieblade

Hey, I did it! I finally finished something and actually submitted it! Of course it isn't very long and not excellent, but that is because I made it at my friends house in about an hour while still trying to figure out how some of the stuff on the program I was using worked. It was great fun coming up with random beats and instruments until it all somehow sounded pretty decent.

Hey! People of Newgrounds!

2008-01-10 18:08:51 by Boogieblade

Wow! To me this is such an honor to be a part of this kind of a community. This is my first and probably only post (unless I can start to submit stuff) so I'm going to keep it short... NEWGROUNDS RULES!!!